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We’re called PNW Loans because we live, work, and play in the Pacific Northwest. That means we don’t get worked up over a little rain, we know all the best hiking trails in the Columbia River Gorge, we’ve dipped our toes in countless inland lakes, and we’ve never met an IPA we didn’t like. From the shore, to the timber. From scabland to grassland. This place we call home is about as diverse and as beautiful as it comes.

It also means we understand what you’re looking for in your next Northwest home. If you live in Washington, Oregon, or Idaho (or want to), we’ll be there for your throughout the loan process. Making sure you get exactly what you need. We’re with you.


The PNW Loans team knows a lot about mortgage, but trust us, we use that power for good! We'll never make you feel stupid or push you towards a loan that's bad for you. We'll be on your side through every step of the process.


Have you ever worked with someone who seemed to disappear whenever you needed them most? That frustrates us too! We have resolved to do things differently. Call, email, text and we'll get right back to you!


Our mortgage team lives in the Pacific Northwest and understands its unique lifestyle. That means you can show up to your meetings in your socks and sandals, flannel, or camo and we won't be fazed.


Some mortgage lenders are motivated by commissions only. That means they'll try and push you toward loans that pay big for them but won't be right for you. Our lenders are focused on your needs first and will recommend only the right loans for you.

About Us

Buying a home is one of the biggest investment decisions most of us will ever make. The loans we choose to finance those home purchases can have a big impact on that investment’s long-term performance.

Just as there’s the perfect home for every buyer, there’s also the perfect loan for every borrower. The trick is choosing a broker who knows how to find the right loan for you, not themselves.

At PNW Loans, you’ll find a group of locals who love the Northwest and know this market inside and out. You’ll also find competent mortgage professionals who will find the perfect loan for your situation and then walk you through every step until all the papers are signed.

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Our Expertise


Primarily used for borrowers with high credit scores and strong lending capabilities. The days of requiring a 20% down payment are long gone. Conventional loans now offer as low as 3% down in some cases. Also ask us about options that allow for 100% financing without PMI (private mortgage insurance).


Are you or your spouse a current or former member of the United States Military? If so, then let's talk about your options for using your VA mortgage benefits. Did you know that our company (Fairway Independent Mortgage Co) was listed in the top 10 Banks in America with the most VA mortgage volume in both 2015 and 2016? We're the creators of the American Warrior Initiative and we are a VA direct lender. If you have served, or are serving with the Armed Services or National Guard, we'll make sure you understand every advantage that's available to you.

First Time Homebuyer

There are many first time homebuyer loans available. Some offer grants, or down payment assistance, while others might offer reduced fees, rates, or mortgage insurance! Not all loans are created equal. We don’t want to just take your information and tell you what you are approved for. We want to help educate you to understand the different loan types and feel comfortable with the loan you choose!


Great for the right borrower, these are government backed loans provided by the Federal Housing Administration. Because they're government backed they allow financing for borrowers with lower credit, lower down payment, and more recent derogatory credit like bankruptcies, short sales, foreclosure, etc.


You can buy a house that others pass by because it isn’t in their perfect condition. With a renovation loan you can build instant equity into a home, or give it your own personal touches, and finance the renovations instead of paying those costs out of pocket. These loans can offer huge benefits, but do require extra time, effort, and documentation since contractors and their bids are involved. So bring your hard hat to the lending table!


Do thoughts of beef and pork come into your head when you think of the USDA? If so, then you're on the right track! These are home loans backed by the US Department of Agriculture, but they don’t require that you buy a farm. These are typically 0% down home loans that are only available in certain rural areas. You are still allowed to buy a typical single family home in a regular neighborhood if you wish, we just need to make sure it is within the proper boundaries.


Lower your interest rate,change the loan product, drop PMI, get cash out of the equity, or refinance to add or remove someone from the mortgage or title - we can do it all!

Specialty Products

Tell us about your specific scenario, and we'll show you the specialty products that are available to fit your needs. We're very upfront, and if we're not able to do the loan or do not have the product, we'll likely be able to direct you toward the group that can.

Mortgage Insurance

We don't like mortgage insurance, and neither should you! The benefit is that banks started to drop their age old requirement for borrowers needing 20% down to buy the home… But if you ask us, we would rather put you in a loan type that doesn’t require mortgage insurance. We have a few specialty products to help get you there, just ask us how.

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610 Esther Street, Suite 101, Vancouver, WA 98660

610 Esther Street, Suite 101
Vancouver, WA 98660

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